Animated rendering of a girl geekly

I’m a geek, no ifs, ands, or buts (hehe … butts). I drool over every new technology advance I find, every new gadget or toy they come up with, every cool-as-youknowwhatImean sci-fi/fantasy/comic book movie or tv show that airs. I’m a big kid in the toy shop of life when it comes to tech, hence the moniker “girlgeekly”, but I am also proud to be a woman in the IT sector. I’m unabashedly liberal – almost to the point of libertarianism but not quite. I believe strongly in human rights, gender rights, and personal freedoms. I believe in gay marriage and legalizing marijuana though I am neither a smoker nor a lesbian. I am humbled and grateful for the sacrifices of our troops and stand to support them, but I believe in peace and bringing our men and women home. I’m opinionated and I own it – just deal. It’s not like you have to listen to me if you don’t want to.

I have traveled the world from Asia to Europe to the UK and back. I’ve immersed myself in other cultures, living in other countries for months, meeting new people and learning more than enough of the language to get on the train and not get lost. I’ve had the great pleasure of working in incredibly diverse environments with friends from all over the world and count myself a better person for it. I managed to get bitten by the gadget bug at the cusp of the computer technology evolution from hangar-sized mainframes to the super-powered iPhone in the palm of our hands, and have avidly watched, worked and played as technology has come to dominate our daily lives. I’ve spent a majority of my free time obsessing over hobbies from gaming to graphics. My favorite movie is Empire Strikes Back and my favorite television show is Firefly. I read an inordinate amount. I read everything! Sci-fi, fantasy, biographies, non-fiction, tech manuals, histories, mysteries, graphic novels, comics, blogs … everything!

Image of boats at sunrise in Edmonds Harbor, Edmonds, WA.

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After all my wanderings and the myriad of cities I’ve lived in I feel like I’m finally home. I currently live a stone’s throw from Seattle, WA though I started out life as a Canuck. I love the Pacific Northwest and before you ask, yes I do like the rain. You don’t have to in order to live here, but it helps. Doubt it? Just take a look at the picture … that kind of beauty is around every corner in this area. You just can’t argue with that.