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Saddle Up Browncoats! New Firefly Coming!

UPDATE: Firefly – Big Damn Heroes is now available in hardcover or as a pre-order for the Kindle version!! The pre-order Kindle version is $7.55 US at the time of this posting. Check it out!

Ready Player One Teaser Trailer

I’ve been waiting with bated breath to see how this trailer would look … and Jonhny Doely you still have my copy of the book.

The Hunger Games are coming!

You’ve read the books and are waiting to see the movie opening weekend right? Right! Well here’s a couple of the latest teasers and a link to the official trailer to get you through until March 23rd … Official Trailer


Goodreads Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher My rating: 5 of 5 stars I started reading this book the evening of July 2nd and finished it at 3:25 AM. I tried putting it down, going to sleep, but it didn’t work. Like the main character I had to finish once I’d started. This might be […]

Summer Reading: Video Game Books For The Beach

 I am reposting this verbatim because 1) I love G4TV and enjoy taking their advice and 2) I believe that gamers should shut down the console every now and again and read a book that isn’t required for school/work/coding purposes. Summer Reading: Video Game Books For The Beach: “ Summer vacations will be tearing a […]

Amazon Kindle App Out for Android Now

And I do a little happy dance … I know have 24/7 access to my kindle content (since I’d never my kindle AND my phone at the same time)!! Amazon Kindle App Out for Android Now: “ Remember when we speculated that the Amazon Kindle app for Android would see its release in July concurrent […]

Amazon’s Kindle conveniently falls to $189, Nook looks stunned and bitter

Wow … that was fast (and entirely expected)! Amazon’s Kindle conveniently falls to $189, Nook looks stunned and bitter: “ Oh, snap! Merely hours after Barnes & Noble came out swinging with a $149 WiFi-only version of its Nook and a price-reduced $199 3G Nook, along comes Amazon to rip a massive hole in B&N;’s […]

B&N 3G/WiFi nook price slashed to $199.99

While I ADORE my Kindle (yes, it’s the very first model that came out and I STILL love it) and recommend it to all my friends, acquaintances, and passersby who happen to see me reading it and ask “What’s that?”; the one thing that has been a huge hurdle is the price. Now that there’s […]

Best #StarWars & #Boob related shirt EVAR!

Best #StarWars & #Boob related shirt EVAR!: “It started with a tweet. @NSSteph: Best #StarWars & #Boob related shirt I have EVER seen. Then this pic. and my quest to find it was swift, aided by Twitter and Google. The ‘Move Along’ t-shirt can be found here. It’s available in regular, babydoll and spaghetti strap […]