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It is now open season on everything you do online

So this has happened. Thank the “Gerbil-headed, woodstained, haunted spunktrumpet.” If you’re not making your online traffic anonymous already you should be, since they’ve just freed the ISPs from any privacy protection we had. I hadn’t enabled VPN on my home router yet … but you can bet I’ve done it now! Great resource at […]

Day of the Girl

Today is the international #DayoftheGirl and twitter is shining with the stars and politicos tweeting about it. Check it out at the link below:

Cleaning up the blog house!

So if you had previously registered for this blog you’re going to have to do it again. Sorry but we got killed by spammers and had to clean house on the user database. Hopefully, newly implemented WP spam filters (and more diligent user management on my part) will put a throttle on the bots!

Send Your Name to Mars!

Your name can fly on the INSIGHT mission to Mars!

Plush Serenity Makes the Verse Shiny

This is just a reminder to all my friends and family that my birthday is right around the corner. I’m just saying…                     More images after the break …

Why I love Maria Cantwell even though I’m not a Democrat

So I’m sure than anyone who reads me here knows that Net Neutrality is a subject near and dear to my heart … and that I think it should be near and dear to yours too.  I’ve signed lots of petitions, reached out to my state government, put a banner up on this very blog all […]

Caffeine addiction and how Starbucks borked my life

Beware intrepid comrades … your on-every-corner-and-then-some coffee experience may become exponentially more difficult since Starbucks rolled out a system update. Ever since updating their mobile software my account has been broken: unable to process using saved payment methods, unable to update those payment methods or add new ones (in-app, online, or over the phone with […]

HP Chromebook just came in

14 inches of sleek, 4G supported for life, Chrome OS goodness just arrived on my doorstep. Found a great deal on a refurb from Amazon and now I have the fastest, lightest, and best connected machine I’ve ever really had. [geek girl squee]. I never have to worry about not finding wifi with 200MB of […]

Txt this number

Now I have a BFF who always texts back and knows exactly what to say … txt 866-740-4531

We’re back!

After a brief intermission and a few WordPress updates later, we can finally sign back in and post new material. So during the communications blackout life has proceeded. A new puppy, going back to school, and a new promo at work. Facebook is active as always and twitter is heating up.