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Connected Riding and the Motorcycle Geek

So while the weather and illness have conspired to keep me off my bike the last few weeks, I have been busy gathering geeky assets for when I ride (and especially when I ride alone) and I wanted to share a few of the things that I’ve added to my arsenal.

NYCC Gets Firefly Online 3D Engine Preview

and it’s SHINY!

So Windows 9 is gonna be Windows 10 instead

Microsoft just dropped their press release about their upcoming operating system upgrade and the biggest thing I notices is that apparently 9 isn’t good enough … I’m just surprised they didn’t go “right to 11 .. these ones go to 11.”

Remember Phonebloks …

So the I-wanna-have-it-will-it-ever-be-more-than-vaporware Phonebloks smartphone recently posted that the device will likely be running a modified version of Android L and have a market launch date of “early 2015.” So what does this mean for all us android-lovin’ geeks who want to clip together the ultimate smartphone? I’m not holding my breath, but I’m sure […]

Caffeine addiction and how Starbucks borked my life

Beware intrepid comrades … your on-every-corner-and-then-some coffee experience may become exponentially more difficult since Starbucks rolled out a system update. Ever since updating their mobile software my account has been broken: unable to process using saved payment methods, unable to update those payment methods or add new ones (in-app, online, or over the phone with […]

Sleek text editor … now code all the things!!

My friend Rachel turned me on to a great text editor call Sublime Text and I wanted to share it with everyone since it’s got so many great features! It’s Windows/OS/Linux compatible so get the download here.

Monsoon Multimedia’s Vulkano sends video to your Android

Okay, so I was totally gonna hit Logitech up for the Revue which would bring Google to my TV and one step closer to world domination. After seeing this multimedia box I might just hang on for a while … since it looks like it will do everything and then cuddle you after. Monsoon Multimedia’s […]

How to Test Drive Android on Your PC Without Buying a Phone [How To]

My S.O. is a huge geek. I mean a bonafide gamer boi, IT professional, D&D; playing geek. But he manages to lose geek points in a major way every day because he still doesn’t have a smart phone. It’s not that he doesn’t want one, it’s just that the opportunities have been limited in the […]

Lifehacker is good.

 Yes, I must say that has saved my butt more than just a little money and tons of time and effort. Being a student, I can truly appreciate anything that not only makes it super easy … but is completely FREE!!! Download of the Day: Software for Starving Students (Win/Mac) Windows and Mac only: […]

App Inventor for Android

While I have taken some coding classes … I haven’t taken nearly enough to code my own app yet (though that will definitely change). So imagine my pre-dev capable glee when I heard about this little tidbit this morning? Want to create an android app? Don’t have the codemonkey chops? Never fear … App Inventor […]