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Loungefly Marvel Handbags

Loungefly has released a new slew of Marvel character themed handbags for us. Check them out here. You can also see a small sampling below.

Meet the Nexus 6

… or as I like to call it – my soon to be new phone: If you would like to find out more about the powerhouse OS behind this little beauty you can check out all the juicy Lollipop specs at and you can get a lot more info on the phone at

Plush Serenity Makes the Verse Shiny

This is just a reminder to all my friends and family that my birthday is right around the corner. I’m just saying…                     More images after the break …

Holy Rompers Batman!

ThinkGeek, my favorite store EVER, has the supercutest costumer rompers available for all of us wanna-be or inner super-heroines. Check them out!

Remember Phonebloks …

So the I-wanna-have-it-will-it-ever-be-more-than-vaporware Phonebloks smartphone recently posted that the device will likely be running a modified version of Android L and have a market launch date of “early 2015.” So what does this mean for all us android-lovin’ geeks who want to clip together the ultimate smartphone? I’m not holding my breath, but I’m sure […]

HP Chromebook just came in

14 inches of sleek, 4G supported for life, Chrome OS goodness just arrived on my doorstep. Found a great deal on a refurb from Amazon and now I have the fastest, lightest, and best connected machine I’ve ever really had. [geek girl squee]. I never have to worry about not finding wifi with 200MB of […]

Internet lulz for today

You know you’re a geek when

“Home & Office : Star Trek Transporter Room Bath Mat & Shower Curtain Set”

A door to another world

“Home & Office : Sci-Fi Door Decals” These door decals can add instant cache to your personal space. Just make sure that you have pressurized that space before opening.

Doctor Who TARDIS Trash Can

Doctor Who TARDIS Trash Can. That is all.