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Wave goodbye to Google Wave

I had Google Wave … the only problem was that not many other people did. I sent out my invitations to friends and family so that we would have a real time collaboration place to help us keep in touch (we’re all quite geographically distant) … but they either just wanted to stick with the […]

App Inventor for Android

While I have taken some coding classes … I haven’t taken nearly enough to code my own app yet (though that will definitely change). So imagine my pre-dev capable glee when I heard about this little tidbit this morning? Want to create an android app? Don’t have the codemonkey chops? Never fear … App Inventor […]

Hulu Plus coming to iPhone and iPad, a new way to kill time on the go

I don’t know about you, but I just can’t see forking over $10 a month for the premium service when it’s the backlog episodes that it would be paying for. I would understand if it was the new episodes and more shows, but since it’s the older series (which are quite often out on dvd […]

Amazon Kindle App Out for Android Now

And I do a little happy dance … I know have 24/7 access to my kindle content (since I’d never my kindle AND my phone at the same time)!! Amazon Kindle App Out for Android Now: “ Remember when we speculated that the Amazon Kindle app for Android would see its release in July concurrent […]

Rippers rejoice

Being the Android fangirl that I am, I love that DoubleTwist will automatically convert any movie file that I want to watch on my phone into the correct format, but sometimes the loss of quality that occurs can be a bit much … even when just watching on my phone. Enter RockPlayerBase which will play […]

Swype beta comes to the masses!

Been drooling over your friend’s Swype beta invite … sweating getting your own Swype like a coke mule at the border? Well fear not my friends … head on over to and sign up … the fastest and coolest way I’ve ever seen to enter text on a phone can be yours! Don’t know […]

Apple releases “Unibody” Mac Mini

In a surprise move Apple released a new “unibody” Mac Mini starting at $699 and featuring an HDMI card and SD card slot. Okay, this might actually make me jump back on the “I ought to get a Mac” bandwagon. I’ve been toying with the idea of starting to design some iPhone/iPod apps (I even […]

Skobbler Brings Free Turn-by-Turn Navigation to Your iPhone [Downloads]

I am a dedicated android fangirl as most of my friends know. It’s not that I don’t like the iPhone … it’s a great smartphone after all … it’s that I like Android (and Google) much better because of a number of reasons including open source, corporate policies, and plan pricing / availability to name […]

Layar For Android Updated to Version 3.5

I’ve never really liked Layar. It’s not that it was a bad app or anything, it’s just that I found it way too annoying to use with regularity because it really limited you to knowing what you wanted to look for rather than just giving you the heads up as what was going on around […]