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Better than a Yule log any day!

RosterBot Holiday Zamboni Loop from ianb on Vimeo.

CBC News – Canada – Transgender protection bill approved by Commons

HOORAY!! I have copied and pasted (thanks CBC) the entire story here because it’s so awesome. Looking beyond the alarmist fear-mongering that people are experiencing; I’ve had many friends who have transitioned or are in the process and have absolutely no legal protection, and very often no legal status even as it pertains to their gender. No […]

He Was Tortured, But He Can’t Sue

I felt the need to share this because it demonstrates that no matter how wonderful a country the US is, there are always instances of injustice that can still creep up on us (and on the positive side – the opportunity to redress a horrible wrong). I think everyone can agree that this never should […]

CBC News – British Columbia – B.C. woman wants ‘fake’ husband deported

Having gone through the pains of legally immigrating to the US (and yes, having a 2 year probationary green card because I married an American) I just have to cringe when I see this happening in my home country. While I certainly applaud most of Canada’s open immigration policy; it is much too easy to […]

Here we go now …

Today is the day of my citizenship interview. I go and prove that I can both speak English and know the basics of American history, civics, geography, and so forth. I still find it ironic that as a (hopefully soon to be new) citizen, I need to know more than the average American high school […]

The Memorial Day long weekend cometh

Memorial Day. It’s really a pretty solemn holiday when you think about it, yet it seems to be more the unofficial kick off of summer than a day of remembrance for most people I know. One thing has always confused me about this holiday … well really two holidays. Why have Memorial Day and Veteran’s […]