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Amusing Ourselves to Death

Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World always frightened me more than Orwell’s 1984, simply because the thought of control through our pleasures seems so diabolically clever … and eerily accurate. “

The Evolution of Apple [Cartoon]

HAhahahaha!! Too good not to share! The Evolution of Apple [Cartoon]:[Via Gadget Buzzer]

Hello Kitty Dr Martens and Bloglovin

I just had to share this … because it’s two of my favorite things in a girly-ass shit-kicker amalgamation of AWESOME!! Thank you to DoeDeere for giving me the heads up … and yes, I do believe it will become my mission to get every single pair! These look like precious ice-skates. 😀 LOVE that […]

The Super Heroic Minimalism t-shirt

I LOVE this shirt!! I just had to repost it here because I know that every comic geek out there should own this shirt. Thank you CrunchGear, thank you!! The Super Heroic Minimalism t-shirt: “ It’s the superhero equation. Take a man, add a common object, and *bam*, you’ve created a comic box icon just […]

ThinkGeek :: SILENCE! Babydoll

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