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MythBusters renew contract, no myth safe for next seven years

My just skipped a beat …went pitter-pat … I love Mythbusters and the geekly girl inside is all a-squee with the news that our two favorite mythbusting geeks will be around for another 7 years!! No myth left behind, no explosion too large! MythBusters renew contract, no myth safe for next seven years: “ Myths […]

Comic-Con 2010: The Avengers Cast…Assembled!

I think I just  … uh well … never mind. Looking good Joss … looking good! The Avengers just got a lot more real at the Marvel Studios panel, where not only the news about the addition of Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner proved accurate, but we got this surreal group hug of the cast […]

STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING! The internet is over … so sayth Prince

The internet is all a buzz that Prince, an undisputed icon of music world wide, is tolling its very death nell. Comments made in The Mirror, his first interview for a U.K. publication in years, are appearing all over the place and causing quite a stir. Why’s that you might ask? Because according to Prince, […]

National Dance Day is coming July 31st!

Not that you could tell now, but I used to be a dancer and I love the artform. So You Think You Can Dance is the only talent/reality show that I can watch and I love it. SYTYCD and The Dizzy Feet Foundation are promoting National Dance Day for everyone … no matter if you’ve […]

The Stanley Cup — Full of Pride … Gay Pride

Thank you to TMZ for giving me the skinny on Lord Stanley’s Cup going all out & proud in the windy city! My little liberal heart went pitta-pat when I heard about this. The best part was when I was talking to my boygeekly about it and he came back with not its first time […]

Adam Savage singing “I Will Survive” as Gollum

I reject your reality and substitute my own …

So much awesome it hurts!

Guess what I found today? Yes, so much awesome it’s almost painful! Amazon has The A-Team: Complete Series Limited Edition Box Set available for you, yes you, for the measly price of $89.99. Every single episode of B.A. badness, Face flippancy, Hannibal hijinks, and Murdock madness!!! And it only get’s better from there. This is […]

Jane Lynch marries!!

Jane Lynch, star of Glee, married her long time girlfriend Dr. Laura Embry on Monday in Massachusetts. My only wish is that they could have married in any state in the country rather than having to travel. I wish the happy couple well and hold hope for all that soon marriage will become universal throughout […]

Dennis Hopper Dies

R.I.P. Dennis Hopper, you were an amazing experience, from the absurd (Super Mario Bros. I’m thinking of you) to the sublime (too many to mention) it was an incredible journey. You embodied a counterculture that my generation was bereft of. Story via Dennis Hopper Dies

Sting, Soros, Montel and More: We are the Drug Policy Alliance.mp4

I do not do drugs (unless you count caffeine) and rarely drink alcohol, yet this message resonates with me. Prohibition didn’t work in the 20s and it’s not working now. We are choking our penal system with ‘criminals’ who do not need to be incarcerated and creating a climate where the true criminals (the importing […]