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While the videos below come for a terrifyingly serious incident, the resultant remix shows that humor can be found in almost anything. We’re looking for you homeboy! Watch me 1st: Watch me next: Now laugh your ass off like I did and have a great day!

Firefly theme redux

I had to post this here, simply because it is a firefly related personal hot tub time machine for me … I watched shows that started like this (c’mon I know you remember Airwolf and let’s not forget A-Team) …

Officially ThinkGeek’s best-ever cease and desist

I had to share this just because ThinkGeek is officially the place where there is no end to AWESOME and they actually got the National Pork Board to look like a bunch of idiots without even having to try!  Officially our best-ever cease and desist: “Recently we got the best-ever cease and desist letter. We’re […]

Join the club: Glee Karaoke Revolution announced

I am a Gleek, I admit it, and no, I don’t have a problem thank you, I do not need an intervention. Not even when the following game hits the shelves … maybe. Thanks for the heads-up that what little social life I had is soon ending Joystiq!! Join the club: Glee Karaoke Revolution announced: […]

So much awesome it hurts!

Guess what I found today? Yes, so much awesome it’s almost painful! Amazon has The A-Team: Complete Series Limited Edition Box Set available for you, yes you, for the measly price of $89.99. Every single episode of B.A. badness, Face flippancy, Hannibal hijinks, and Murdock madness!!! And it only get’s better from there. This is […]

The Super Heroic Minimalism t-shirt

I LOVE this shirt!! I just had to repost it here because I know that every comic geek out there should own this shirt. Thank you CrunchGear, thank you!! The Super Heroic Minimalism t-shirt: “ It’s the superhero equation. Take a man, add a common object, and *bam*, you’ve created a comic box icon just […]

9 Informative Pie Charts

I hate (or love) to admit that the only one of the following hilarious pie charts that doesn’t apply to me perfectly are Farmville and the Art Student. I’ve come to think that while funny as hell, it might also be quite sad. Enjoy 9 Informative Pie Charts: “Guest Post by Los These are just […]