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Holy Rompers Batman!

ThinkGeek, my favorite store EVER, has the supercutest costumer rompers available for all of us wanna-be or inner super-heroines. Check them out!

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

I must have this. My birthday is in October. That is all.

Sucker Punch: Dragon, Samurais, Steampunk. Oh my.

Thank you to GeeksAreSexy for finding me another movie to obsess over and salivate to see once Scott Pilgrim KOs me. Sucker Punch: Dragon, Samurais, Steampunk. Oh my.: Fantasy lovers and Steampunk fans rejoice: Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch promises to be a visual orgy of everything you guys love. Check out the trailer: Sucker Punch […]

D&D vs FF

D&D vs. Fantasy Football [PIC]

D&D; vs. Fantasy Football [PIC]: [Via Neatorama | Source: Sheldon Comics]

GirlGeekly … bring on your 7 evil exes!!

You can now create a personal Scott Pilgrim Avatar using the movie website. You know I just had to do it … so I give to you, GirlGeekly vs. The World!!! Thanks to GeekGirlDiva for pointing me in the direction of the awesome 😉

Forget AARP … Helen Mirren is too bad-a$$ for the NRA

Thanks to ToplessRobot for tipping me to the awesome that is Red. I never heard of this book, but I’m gonna be sure to check out the movie!!

Scott Pilgrim Retro Game Is Pure Awesome

I so can’t wait for this video game or this movie!! But I gotta admit, the game looks killer. Love G4TV for all their game info, reviews, and awesome ninja warrior love! Scott Pilgrim Retro Game Is Pure Awesome: “ Watch Larger Version | Watch HD Version If I need to sing the virtues of […]

The Super Heroic Minimalism t-shirt

I LOVE this shirt!! I just had to repost it here because I know that every comic geek out there should own this shirt. Thank you CrunchGear, thank you!! The Super Heroic Minimalism t-shirt: “ It’s the superhero equation. Take a man, add a common object, and *bam*, you’ve created a comic box icon just […]