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Plush Serenity Makes the Verse Shiny

This is just a reminder to all my friends and family that my birthday is right around the corner. I’m just saying…                     More images after the break …

Doctor Who TARDIS Trash Can

Doctor Who TARDIS Trash Can. That is all.

LEGO Star Wars 10225- Ultimate Collector’s Series (UCS) R2-D2 | Official Video!

Don’t look at me that way … it’s totally worth $180 and you know it! is elegant resume builder

Admit it, your resume could probably use a little work but it always seems to be less than inspiring to update it. While every job posting asks for one, it’s almost guaranteed that they’re documents that are skimmed rather than appreciated, so why try all that hard right? Hack your resume! Displaying a little creativity… […]

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

I must have this. My birthday is in October. That is all.

Watch “The Most Astounding Fact (Neil DeGrasse Tyson)” on YouTube

Super Mario Coin Block Lamp is geek nirvana!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Etsy’s 8BitLit and their incredible Interactive Super Mario Coin Block Pendant Lamp ($74.99 plus shipping). Presented in it’s fully assembled glory, this is also available as a kit with all the parts necessary to assemble yourself ($54.99 plus shipping). According to the listing: “To turn the lamp on and off, […]

ASUS Rampage III Formula high-end motherboard breaks cover

ooooooooooooohhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh me want! ASUS Rampage III Formula high-end motherboard breaks cover: ” ASUS has sent over a handful of shots of their upcoming ASUS Rampage III Formula motherboard, and it’s all looking decidedly tasty. Based around Intel’s X58 chipset, meaning compatibility with the latest breed of hexacore Core i7 processors, there are a full […]

Mega-Straddle Bus Conceptualized for China, Fits 1,200 Passengers

I’m moving (very shortly) from the most pedestrian/mass transit unfriendly city I have ever lived in. Everyone who knows me is aware that I’m incredibly excited to be going somewhere where they build sidewalks at the sides of the road for pedestrians, have more than 2 bike paths in the city, and actually provide transit […]

R2-D2 Toy Responds to 40 Voice Commands, Will Play Tag

OMG I NEED THIS!!! R2-D2 Toy Responds to 40 Voice Commands, Will Play Tag: Every time you watch Star Wars, and R2-D2 rolls out into the scene, do you ever find yourself thinking, “Hey, I want one of those.”? Well, if you have, there’s a brand new way for you to get your hands on […]