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Wave goodbye to Google Wave

I had Google Wave … the only problem was that not many other people did. I sent out my invitations to friends and family so that we would have a real time collaboration place to help us keep in touch (we’re all quite geographically distant) … but they either just wanted to stick with the […]

Lifehacker is good.

 Yes, I must say that has saved my butt more than just a little money and tons of time and effort. Being a student, I can truly appreciate anything that not only makes it super easy … but is completely FREE!!! Download of the Day: Software for Starving Students (Win/Mac) Windows and Mac only: […]

Camp designed to win girls over to technology

 I would have loved a camp like this growing up … and we have to stop treating girls like science & technology careers are not suited to them. We know it’s not true anymore that guys outperform girls in the sciences & math … and these kinds of camps show off technology as fun & […]

Privates! The 1st Vagina-base Video Game

This is the funniest, dorkiest, most incredible bit of game AWESOME that I’ve seen in ages. I got crappy, uncomfortably worded books and a health teacher with less than stellar personal hygiene standards. This is so much WIN it’s not even funny. Now I can’t wait until my niece is a pre-teen & I offer […]

On the way: Nation’s first tech-literacy exam

Considering how pervasive technology is in day to day living … it’s about damn time! On the way: Nation’s first tech-literacy exam: “by eSchool News For the first time ever, technological literacy will become part of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), also known as the Nation’s Report Card, the test’s governing board has […]

Apple releases “Unibody” Mac Mini

In a surprise move Apple released a new “unibody” Mac Mini starting at $699 and featuring an HDMI card and SD card slot. Okay, this might actually make me jump back on the “I ought to get a Mac” bandwagon. I’ve been toying with the idea of starting to design some iPhone/iPod apps (I even […]

World Cup fever and and a worthy goal

I stumbled upon a great cause today, job searching of all things, and thought that it was seredipitously timely and relevant. So here I share with you the story of Grassroot Soccer: