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Did your EVO 3D camera stop working after the update like mine did?

If so, here’s a quick fix for you: Go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications -> All -> Camera Tap Clear Data and exit the settings Power down your phone for a minute (I also recommend removing your battery for 30 seconds), then reboot your phone Hold down your camera button on the right […]

Qik App Pulled After Huge Influx of Users Strain Their Servers

… and this is the down-side of breaking all those sales records Sprint. Am I allowed to be smug about the fact that by the time I can buy the awesomeness all of this will be taken care of? Smuggy it is ;-: Qik App Pulled After Huge Influx of Users Strain Their Servers: “ […]

The EVO smashed Sprint sales records

Wow. I knew that the phone would be hot, after all, I’m drooling over it and there are a lot of other 4G fangirls out there who would be too; but who new that it would totally decimate Sprint’s previous sales records by such a wide margin? If you check out the press release below, […]

Thinking of skipping the EVO because you’re a business user?

I have a lot of friends whose phones do double duty: business phone and personal phone, and it seems like a lot of them are feeling like they’re stuck with a Crackberry because they need to meet all their business functionality needs (like connecting to an Exchange server). Well rejoice!! You need be jealous no […]

HTC EVO 4G accessories detailed ahead of launch

Considering that the EVO WILL be my next phone, I’m salivating over every and any tidbit of information that I can get about pre-release. I’m not so much worried about headsets and cases, but the yet to be detailed car kit and video dock have me planning on how much money for extras I’m going […]