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While the videos below come for a terrifyingly serious incident, the resultant remix shows that humor can be found in almost anything. We’re looking for you homeboy! Watch me 1st: Watch me next: Now laugh your ass off like I did and have a great day!

The Evolution of Apple [Cartoon]

HAhahahaha!! Too good not to share! The Evolution of Apple [Cartoon]:[Via Gadget Buzzer]

Firefly theme redux

I had to post this here, simply because it is a firefly related personal hot tub time machine for me … I watched shows that started like this (c’mon I know you remember Airwolf and let’s not forget A-Team) …

Reuters Headline of the Year

TMZ showed off what has to unarguably be the most hilarious headline ever!! Reuters Headline of the Year

The giggle of the day …

There are just no words … So what do you think? Fame or lame? Either way, made you smile 🙂

The Stanley Cup — Full of Pride … Gay Pride

Thank you to TMZ for giving me the skinny on Lord Stanley’s Cup going all out & proud in the windy city! My little liberal heart went pitta-pat when I heard about this. The best part was when I was talking to my boygeekly about it and he came back with not its first time […]

D&D vs FF

D&D vs. Fantasy Football [PIC]

D&D; vs. Fantasy Football [PIC]: [Via Neatorama | Source: Sheldon Comics]

Forget AARP … Helen Mirren is too bad-a$$ for the NRA

Thanks to ToplessRobot for tipping me to the awesome that is Red. I never heard of this book, but I’m gonna be sure to check out the movie!!

Cthulhu cozy keeps your phone safe from the prying eyes of mortal men

Today has been full of awesome for me … first the A-Team Collector’s Edition … then I saw Adam Savage perform Gollum Will Survive … and now this. I’m done. I can’t possibly handle any more awesomeness from the Internet today. My brain will explode. Cthulhu cozy keeps your phone safe from the prying eyes […]

Adam Savage singing “I Will Survive” as Gollum

I reject your reality and substitute my own …