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One Step Closer to Being a Home Owner

So yesterday I stopped into my mortgage broker’s office after work and signed my life away, coming one step closer to finalizing the purchase of my new house in Everett. I have to say that it was a wonderful and fairly momentous experience for me, being the first time I’ve ever signed anything as significant as a […]

Abandon Earth Or Die, Warns Hawking

“Earth that was could no longer sustain our numbers, we were so many. We found a new Solar system, dozens of planets and hundreds of moons.” Excerpt from “Serenity” by Joss Whedon. So it looks like Steven Hawking ascribes to the Whedonverse view that we are a plague on our own planet and will have […]

And we’re back on the air!

Sorry for the dead air yesterday, but I was a little busy and didn’t have a chance to post but for a quick #foursquare check in now and again. If anyone follows me on Twitter or Facebook you’ll know that yesterday was the BIG DAY. I took my oath of citizenship and became a bona […]

Want to get a good look at the big picture of global population?

I have had the pleasure and opportunity to travel and explore many places outside of North America, and I still couldn’t comprehend the impact that poverty has on world population. No matter where you fall in politics or social activism, I really wanted to share this video because the reality of the situation is put […]

World Cup fever and and a worthy goal

I stumbled upon a great cause today, job searching of all things, and thought that it was seredipitously timely and relevant. So here I share with you the story of Grassroot Soccer:

And the adventure begins …

I have determined that I’ve got a lot of stuff going on in my life, and I want to document it since I’m pretty sure with all the other crap I’m cramming my head with it will surely dribble out into the ether at some point. So here I am, hear me geek and roar […]