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And we’re back on the air!

Sorry for the dead air yesterday, but I was a little busy and didn’t have a chance to post but for a quick #foursquare check in now and again. If anyone follows me on Twitter or Facebook you’ll know that yesterday was the BIG DAY. I took my oath of citizenship and became a bona […]

Arizona bill would deny citizenship to children of illegal immigrants

From everything I just spent the last six and a half years learning to become an American citizen legally, this goes so far against the constitution it should be laughable … and yet here we are and Arizona’s not laughing. Arizona bill would deny citizenship to children of illegal immigrants By the CNN Wires Staff […]

CBC News – British Columbia – B.C. woman wants ‘fake’ husband deported

Having gone through the pains of legally immigrating to the US (and yes, having a 2 year probationary green card because I married an American) I just have to cringe when I see this happening in my home country. While I certainly applaud most of Canada’s open immigration policy; it is much too easy to […]


So the interview went very well … had an awesome officer who was very nice and a real pleasure to meet. Passed my tests and have been recommended for approval!! So now all that stands between me and citizenship is final approval and my oath ceremony. Hopefully it should only be about another month so […]

Here we go now …

Today is the day of my citizenship interview. I go and prove that I can both speak English and know the basics of American history, civics, geography, and so forth. I still find it ironic that as a (hopefully soon to be new) citizen, I need to know more than the average American high school […]