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I’m movin’ on up …

So for those of you who are keeping track of the personal side of things, today is my very last day at my Stripes39 job. I started with this company back at the beginning of June and have gone from being a simple data analyst to a QA Team Lead with 8 people under me […]

In need of a Christmas miracle …

I have this friend Lyndsey who would be a great candidate for one of those family-channel-made-for-TV Christmas specials. In a nutshell, Lyndsey is a sweet lady from NC who is getting laid off from her job during Christmas. What’s especially tough about this is that Lyndsey is just a few months into a high risk pregnancy […]

Big bada boom! Changes abound …

Spring break is winding down and I went nowhere but boy did other people in my life … My brother got a great job at Disney (yeah you read that right … my boy’s working for The Mouse!) and moved to Burbank, CA yesterday morning. I’m totally stoked for Jared & Gail & Hailey & […]

And we’re back on the air!

Sorry for the dead air yesterday, but I was a little busy and didn’t have a chance to post but for a quick #foursquare check in now and again. If anyone follows me on Twitter or Facebook you’ll know that yesterday was the BIG DAY. I took my oath of citizenship and became a bona […]

Why I hate Comcast

I pay for 12Mbps download speed internet connection from Comcast … quite a lot too since I no longer have a “promotional” pricing package. And this is what I get … Comcast … YOU SUCK!!


So the interview went very well … had an awesome officer who was very nice and a real pleasure to meet. Passed my tests and have been recommended for approval!! So now all that stands between me and citizenship is final approval and my oath ceremony. Hopefully it should only be about another month so […]

Here we go now …

Today is the day of my citizenship interview. I go and prove that I can both speak English and know the basics of American history, civics, geography, and so forth. I still find it ironic that as a (hopefully soon to be new) citizen, I need to know more than the average American high school […]

And the adventure begins …

I have determined that I’ve got a lot of stuff going on in my life, and I want to document it since I’m pretty sure with all the other crap I’m cramming my head with it will surely dribble out into the ether at some point. So here I am, hear me geek and roar […]