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So .. Iron Fist

Marvel’s Iron Fist Season 1 came out on Netflix this weekend.  I have to admit … I had really high hopes. It’s not a comic that I’ve read in the past but they did such a good job with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage that I was super stoked to take in a new […]

Firefly text logo

Netflix and why I think they should resurrect Firefly

Or why Netflix should save “The ‘Verse”. Netflix has fully committed to its plan to create new original content for its streaming service, premiering Lilyhammer on February 6th, 2012 with an anticipated total of 5 original series to be streaming by the middle of 2013. And I think it’s SHINY!! This is pretty much how […]

Monsoon Multimedia’s Vulkano sends video to your Android

Okay, so I was totally gonna hit Logitech up for the Revue which would bring Google to my TV and one step closer to world domination. After seeing this multimedia box I might just hang on for a while … since it looks like it will do everything and then cuddle you after. Monsoon Multimedia’s […]

FCC Reviews Logitech Revue, New Details Emerge

 Most everyone knows that Google is a major part of my life … from my phone to my calendar to hopefully a place to work in the future … so it should come as no surprise that I squee over the thought of making my TV an android powered Google experience too. While I’m not […]

Hulu Plus coming to iPhone and iPad, a new way to kill time on the go

I don’t know about you, but I just can’t see forking over $10 a month for the premium service when it’s the backlog episodes that it would be paying for. I would understand if it was the new episodes and more shows, but since it’s the older series (which are quite often out on dvd […]

And now Google will soon own my TV!

As many of my friends will certainly know, I’ve frequently made mention of the fact that Google pwns my geekly little butt. My phone (arguably the single most important thing in my life) is powered by Google. I use Google to shop, navigate, stay in contact, email, phone, and research. Now with the soon to […]

ESPN3 comes exclusively to Xbox 360

This takes me one step closer to cutting the cable out of my life entirely … one lack of online entertainment has been missing out on live sports, but if my Xbox 360 will let me watch stuff live and on-demand from ESPN3 I think I’m gonna be in love! ESPN3 comes exclusively to Xbox […]

So much awesome it hurts!

Guess what I found today? Yes, so much awesome it’s almost painful! Amazon has The A-Team: Complete Series Limited Edition Box Set available for you, yes you, for the measly price of $89.99. Every single episode of B.A. badness, Face flippancy, Hannibal hijinks, and Murdock madness!!! And it only get’s better from there. This is […]

Hulu headed to a Xbox 360 dashboard near you?

Oh Engadget … you just made my heart skip a beat. I just might have to dedicate a sappy 80s love song to you. With this I could quite easily cut the cable and finally stop giving the company I hate the most my hard earned dollars. Yes, that’s you Comcast. You bandwidth throttling, crappy […]