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Happy April Fool’s

So it’s April 1 again fellow geeks, and are up to their usual tricks with shiny and incredible products we know can’t possibly be real … but can all the other feline loving nerds out there give me a holla for the Voltron Cat Condo morphing into one of those products Timmy brings to […]

A door to another world

“Home & Office : Sci-Fi Door Decals” These door decals can add instant cache to your personal space. Just make sure that you have pressurized that space before opening.

Corn Dog Factory

Corn Dog Factory

From the monkeys at ThinkGeek I give you my latest culinary design device. I don’t cook, I hate cooking, and yet I MUST HAVE THIS!! Reposted content: Corn Dog Factory You don’t need a carnival to have corndogs Beautifully cooks up to 6 corn dogs in just a few minutes Included recipe booklet gets you […]

Officially ThinkGeek’s best-ever cease and desist

I had to share this just because ThinkGeek is officially the place where there is no end to AWESOME and they actually got the National Pork Board to look like a bunch of idiots without even having to try!  Officially our best-ever cease and desist: “Recently we got the best-ever cease and desist letter. We’re […]

DNA Breed Identification Kit

As a dedicated adopter of all my pets, I have always had dogs who were probably a little of this or that rather than actually knowing their exact breed. This generally doesn’t pose much of a problem, but I have been curious a few times whether a beloved pet was actually what they were purported […]

ThinkGeek :: SQL query

I got an A in MySQL … now let’s see how many others did 🙂 ThinkGeek :: SQL query Posted using ShareThis

ThinkGeek :: SILENCE! Babydoll

Narf!ThinkGeek :: SILENCE! Babydoll Posted using ShareThis

Geek Kids : Wooden Puzzle Stacker

I’m thinking of getting this for my niece’s 1st birthday present. She’s an above average baby (no, really, she is ahead of the curve, honest) so I’m hoping that this will satisfy all of her stacking, teething, puzzling geekness needs. Must start her geek training early so that when the inevitable blonde hair, cheerleader phase […]