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Wonder Woman – Rise of the Warrior

This is the final trailer before the June 2nd release of Wonder Woman. I’ve got to say that I’m super stoked for this movie to finally come out!! Too damned long DC … too damned long in coming!

Wonder Woman Official Trailer

Wonder Woman

I’m really getting excited that Wonder Woman is finally coming to the big screen …

Wonder Woman: SDCC 2016 Trailer

Holy Rompers Batman!

ThinkGeek, my favorite store EVER, has the supercutest costumer rompers available for all of us wanna-be or inner super-heroines. Check them out!

New photos of Ant Man (2015)

Not that I’m not stoked that a lesser-known character is finally getting some love … but can anyone explain to me how @Marvel can get this done but @DC can’t find an audience for a Wonder Woman movie?? WTF @DC, just WTF! Catch more photos at