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ISS 24-7 Live Stream

In case you didn’t know this existed for your viewing pleasure, ISS live streams on YouTube 24/7 …

Power Rangers the way it should have been

The fan film for a newly reimagined power rangers has been making the rounds of the interwebs and I just had to share it here … though to original true grit version has been pulled from Vimeo there is still a safer version living on YouTube.

Shenanigans in the ‘verse

Skid Row goes country …

I have never been the biggest country music fan … I like individual artists or songs over the genre generally. This version of a teenage memory really amazed me though.

LEGO Star Wars 10225- Ultimate Collector’s Series (UCS) R2-D2 | Official Video!

Don’t look at me that way … it’s totally worth $180 and you know it!

Avengers Assemble!!

Biometric security takes a beating …

Think that fingerprint scanner on your computer is cool … like never having to remember your password again? Think again my friend. The Mythbusters have handily beaten biometric security on both a computer and a never before beaten fingerprint door system. Check it out:


While the videos below come for a terrifyingly serious incident, the resultant remix shows that humor can be found in almost anything. We’re looking for you homeboy! Watch me 1st: Watch me next: Now laugh your ass off like I did and have a great day!

You Are Standing in an Open Field West of a White Rapper

TR posted this a couple of days ago … and I’m ashamed to admit that I almost missed it. Trust me, you want to watch this video … You Are Standing in an Open Field West of a White Rapper: I have no idea why this MC Frontalot video — a rap about the classic […]

Sucker Punch …

So right after I see Scott Pilgrim … Sucker Punch will be my next favorite, gotta-see-it movie. Ladies and gentlemen, Exhibit A: I rest my case.